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Timeless Fashion - Vintage!

Create tasteful looks with fashion pearls of previous generations!

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, it is a special opportunity to blend the elegance of previous generations with the trends of today. It's about more than just clothing; it's a celebration of time-proven and sustainable style.

At BeaA, we believe in the beauty of timeless fashion, and are thrilled to introduce our special project - BeaA Vintage Edition, where every garment gets a second chance to shine!
In a fast-paced fashion, vintage pieces stand as unique storytellers. By integrating them into everyday wardrobe, we tastefully bring the style of generations together.

The idea behind BeaA Vintage Edition rose upon after COUNTLESS questions on "where did you get this jacket? Where can I find that blazer?", while actually a lot of them are found in antique shops, vintage or second-hand markets of various countries. Combining Vintage with modern day styles create very tasteful looks, so our Vintage Edition is another way for you to uplift your wardrobe in an unique way!

Vintage Edition will mostly include blazers and leather jackets, that have the generational effect, nowadays famous brands are creating artificially.

Each item will only be available in 1 piece! As these generation pearls are selected individually by Beate, it will only be one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be repeated.

Although Vintage, jackets will be in excellent condition! They will be like new both inside and out, with their fittings improved both stylistically and for practical reasons.

Unique styling advice! Beate invites everyone, who feels like introducing some Vintage additions to their wardrobe, to come to our studio for styling, fashion tips - how and with what to combine!


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