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About BEAA

Be at home with yourself by
choosing wardrobe that represents your strength, gracefulness and wraps you into love for yourself!

BeaA's mission is to enhance
woman's natural beauty and self-confidence by wearing simple, comfy clothing filled with love for style.

Each piece of BeaA is hand-crafted by the most professional seamstresses, starting from just an idea to final result in the hands of customers. All BeaA’s talents are located in our manufacturing studio in Sporta 2 kvartals, Riga, Latvia, where passion for quality and style meets inspiration. Clients visiting our studio always get fresh ideas, styling tips and dosage of confidence.

BeaA clients often say that clothing feels like a second skin and gives you the feeling of having nothing on, which without doubt provides a secret-like feminine feel to each outfit and
lets your uniqueness shine through!

Let yourself fall in love with timeless designs and unmatched quality! Let yourself be at home!

Beate Gleim, the heart and soul of BeaA, summarizes the feeling of the brand very simply:

“I believe a woman should never have to choose between feeling good and looking fabulous. In between fast-paced everyday routine, clothing is the one thing that should not be complicated, so we create clothes, that sets your personality free!”

Handmade Sleepwear For Women

Our Fabric & Designs

Each idea starts with a professional research and feel of high-quality materials, that are selected globally and specifically adjusted to each design. Every detail is evaluated –
the colour, thickness, drop, care and reliability, which allows us to proudly say – we choose only the best for our clients!

BeaA clothing is made from a wide variety of fabrics - natural cotton, linen, silk, viscose, as well as synthetic materials, including polyester, which is easy to care for, durable and has high wear resistance. Bamboo fabric, which does not wrinkle, is hypoallergenic and pleasant to the skin, is especially recognized among customers.

As each garment is crafted individually, sizes XS to XXL can be adjusted specifically to the person’s needs.

Hand Made

Each garment is cared for with love and skill to ensure the highest quality
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Our Amazing People

Beate Gleim

Founder of BeaA



Beate's right hand

Svetlana Vishnevska

Svetlana Vishnevska

Human Resources

Līga Petrāne

Līga Petrāne

Mrs. Networker

Sadaf Naveed

Director Of Web Development

Finesa Shala

Finesa Shala

Web developer & digital marketing expert




Our Location

Sporta 2 kvartāls
Sporta iela 2, Riga, LV-1013
(above restaurant "Zefirs")

Reģ. nr. 40203398081

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