Wide or Palazzo style trousers

Wide or Palazzo style trousers


Palazzo trousers became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They are pronounced as "palaco" trousers.

In the 1960s, sophisticated restaurants and public places sometimes defied fashion trends and refused to admit women in trousers to their establishments. Although, the most resourceful ladies of fashion chose to bypass these prohibitions and instead of skirts, they wore palazzo trousers that looked just like skirts.

Now, 50 years later, Palazzo trousers are back in fashion and it's no wonder, because professionally made, they are very comfortable, look feminine and elegant, and suit almost all body shapes!

Palazzo trousers flare moderately and evenly from the hips to the hem. THE MOST MISTAKEN THOUGHT BIAS, which is often mentioned by our clients before trying them on, is "Palazzo trousers will make me look bulky, fatter or even bigger".

And after trying on any of our Palazzo trousers, it goes away immediately! The second stumbling block for women is "these trousers will be too long/too short for me".

That's why we sew everything on site to offer this option to adjust the length to your height!


 BeaA offers three types of Palazzo trousers:

  1. "Trousers with pleats" are the widest of what we offer. They're still Palazzo trousers, we just don't mention that in the product descriptions so people don't get confused. These trousers are evenly flared all the way from the hips to the hem. And what is most interesting - they have folds - on front and back. On the one hand, when moving, they visually look even wider and truly impressive, because the folds "open" when walking and moving. On the other hand, these trousers are ideal for Plus Size ladies, because the folds visually divide your height, thus "cutting off the unnecessary".

This effect is definitely worth trying!

  1. Palazzo trousers. Trousers without pleats, moderately flared along the entire length from the hips. Out of our 3 palazzo trousers, these are medium wide in the hem - but not in the hips!
  2. Our novelty this season - wide trousers. These are also Palazzo trousers, but just to help customers recognize them, we called them simply “wide”. In terms of width, they are narrower than the two mentioned above, with the idea that there are customers who are not ready for a very wide, fluttering effect, but still want the very current and trendy wide leg trousers. These trousers have a small pleat in the front, which is a completely different type than the "Trousers with pleats (1)".

Palazzo trousers are definitely our strong suit and we have tested their effectiveness countless times in practice, when the client falls in love with the softness and femininity of these trousers in seconds from saying "no, no, that’s not for me"!

To find your desired fit, come visit our studio and fit all types of Palazzo trousers. It should not only be seen, but also felt!

P.S. Added bonus - all BeaA trousers have pockets!

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