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The Idea behind BeaA

BeaA is a manufacturer of premium quality women's clothing made in Latvia. Each product is individually handcrafted in limited quantities. The offer mainly consists of chic everyday and leisure wear, which combines comfort and elegance.

BeaA clothes are created to provide a freedom in looks and character, freeing also the confidence in women. We believe that a woman's wardrobe should be full of joy and BeaA is a great example of that!

The idea of comfortable, but at the same time casual wear was born at a time when most people worked from home, social events were rare and the only reason to go out was a holiday walk, private garden party or brunch with a girlfriend.

At that time sales were dominated by two extremes – fine clothes (jackets, suits, trousers with bows and complicated dresses) or completely sporty clothes (oversize hoodies, crop tops, joggers). None of the options really corresponded to the personality of the author of BeaA, Beāte, so when she approached the dressmaker without the idea of production, but with an idea for her personal clothing, the first BeaA messengers were sewn. Further brand development was largely facilitated by the questions of acquaintances about where such stylish clothing can be bought and why Beate does not turn her hobby into a business? The original idea was to open a very small atelier and create a simple website, but as time has gone by, BeaA is more than proud to welcome customers already in its production facility.

Clothing is made from a wide variety of fabrics - natural cotton, linen, silk, viscose, as well as synthetic materials, including polyester, which is easy to care for, durable and has high wear resistance. Bamboo fabric, which does not wrinkle, is hypoallergenic and pleasant to the skin, is especially recognized among customers. As each garment is crafted individually, sizes XS to XXL can be adjusted specifically to the person’s needs.

The idea behind BeaA is to promote easiness in fashion - for a woman to feel self-confident and be able to do her daily things with joy, because there is no need to think about clothes, BeaA has already taken care of that!

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