Take care of your woollen sweaters!

Take care of your woollen sweaters!

Sweater Weather - when knitwear becomes our best friend for several months!

Really, a knitted sweater in our latitude is almost as important as a hair brush, not only because of the warm hug it provides, but also the many styling ways and options.
As Winter is in full swing, we have to take good care of our beloved sweaters, so they can take care of us again and again. But what does "taking good care" means in this occasion? Is it in any way different from other clothing care?

Here are some of the main rules and tips for really caring after your knitwear in a loving and sustainable way!

Wool products (including mohair, kid mohair, alpaca wool) have dirt- and odour-repelling properties. Therefore, to extend the life of woollen products, wash it only in cases where the sweater has stains or an unpleasant smell.

IN NO CASE wash it "just for the sake of washing", which is a widely accepted practice in our society. It will be quite enough to air it thoroughly in the fresh air or leave it in the shower room to soak the moist air.

However, if there are visible stains or an unpleasant smell, the woollen sweater should be washed. To properly wash wool garments, the first thing to do - check the washing instructions on the product's care label, as most wool garments should not be washed in an automatic washing machine.

In such cases, we resort to the oldest method of clothing care - washing by hands, which is not only a sustainable solution, but also extends the lifespan of clothes.

It is important to remember that if you wash by hand, DO NOT leave the woollen garment to soak for a long time. Instead, you lift and put the garment back into the water several times. It is recommended to squeeze it by hand and let it dry on a flat surface on a towel.

IN NO CASE should you dry woollen clothes in a tumble dryer, as this is the most direct way to shrinking and general deterioration of the quality of your beloved sweater.

SUPER TRICK – after washing, at the very end, rinse the product with hair conditioner! It doesn't matter what kind and in what price category, it will make the sweater soo much softer!


If the product contains soft mohair, then there is another TRICK for those who really care about the future appearance of the sweater:

  1. When the product is washed, we spread it out to dry on a towel.
  2. Then we take a hair dryer and dry the sweater a little with the warm air of the hair dryer.
    Important to know - do not blow hot air close to the garment itself. And do not dry completely, just start the drying process. In this way, we will raise the feathers and the sweater will get its wonderful fluff again.


Take good care of your woollen sweater and it will take good care of you!


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