Smart vacation outfit choices

Smart vacation outfit choices


On vacation, the main thing is comfort and it is a great opportunity to afford more than on a daily city life, especially if the vacation is planned abroad. This means - more shorts, shorter dresses, bigger cleavage, and less bras, which actually can be left at home in these temperatures! 🤭

The main thing to watch out is that the wind blowing in your hair does not take your beach hat to the Grand Canal of Venice.☀️

The best friends of vacations are accessories - sunglasses, hats, huge jewelry and beach bags. Of course, swimsuits and their various accessories!

There are no rules on vacation, except that you can only think about relaxing, not that your jeans are too tight. The essence of a vacation, in its very name, includes complete indulgence in the moment and letting go of worries.

You should certainly study the traditions and generally accepted norms of dress and behavior in the country in question, especially if there is a different religious affiliation.

Simple, convenient, practical and beautiful! Don't rush to show off your whole new wardrobe and impress the locals on vacation, it often just betrays your tourist status and can backfire. It is better to choose clothes that you enjoy yourself and that will ensure comfort throughout the day. Believe us - a relaxed woman, who is not pressured by anything, is much more sympathetic than one who is trying with all her strength to walk through the old town in high heels.

Relax and love yourself!


Ideal BeaA recipe for a vacation - Low-back maxi dress and a Vintage jean jacket or a cotton shirt for the sunrise! 

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