Small details = complete look! BeaA - Be At Home with Yourself

Small details = complete look!

In our overall image, small details are very important! With the help of accessories, we are able to change the overall character and look of one product in various situations, so we invite you to take a closer look at accessory use and their impact on the overall visual image.

  • Choice of SHOES is one of the main elements in creating an image! By changing just shoes, we can adapt the outfit to different occasions and events. For example, let's take a dress, which, when going to work can be combined with loafers or low-heeled pumps, a blazer and handbag. And afterwards the same dress can be worn to dinner, with high-heeled shoes or platform boots, powerful jewellery or a small string of pearls for a softer look. On holidays, we can change the image of this dress by putting on a sweater or even a hoodie, adding a belt and wearing our favourite casual, sporty style trainers. Thus, one basic outfit can be adapted to at least 3 different daily events and create an individual image every time!
  • JEWELLERY as a means of self-expression. Whether it's delicate, minimalist jewellery or bold, statement costume jewellery, it tells a story about your unique personality, style, and taste. Don't be afraid to mix metals, experiment with different styles and play with textures. But always keep in mind what fashion legend Coco Chanel said: " Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off!"

Accessories play a big role in shaping your style - with them you can add the "dot on the I" to your overall image, but they can also ruin it. A skilfully chosen handbag can connect things that are incompatible in the overall image, remembering that times, when bag has to match with shoes, have long passed.

  • Let's not forget about SCARVES, BELTS and HATS! A silk headscarf is a must-have this season. If you think it's too bold, tie a scarf around your neck or a handbag. In this way, you can tie together an overall image, for example, green sneakers and a scarf in greenish shades. The same goes for hats, whether it's a wide-brimmed sun hat or a classic fedora, a hat will not only do a functional job, but will add a finishing touch to the overall image and most often create a WOW effect.

In addition, accessories can also have a practical meaning - sunglasses can serve as eye shadows that you didn't put on in the morning due to lack of time, a hat will hide undone hair and a tastefully chosen belt will save you from visiting the tailor! Here, although remember that it does not allow paying less attention to selfcare or justifying wearing clothes that do not match your height, (!) this suggestion is with a small dose of humour, but each of us knows what it is about...

  • The last, but not least, absolutely important component of the image is PERFUME. With them, it is possible to really intrigue or really ruin your impression if they are chosen inappropriately and too much.


"Remember that shoes, accessories and jewellery can bring life to your wardrobe and serve as an exclamation point in the overall image! By incorporating small nuances into everyday life, you express your individuality and are able to adapt your image to different situations."

/ Beate, BeaA

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