Outerwear in Spring

Outerwear in Spring


Now that we finally feel the real spring breeze and warmth of the sun, it's time to put winter layers away, somewhere further in the closet. But how do you stick to your spring wardrobe without freezing?☀️

In the past, when the fashion world was a little simpler and the range of clothes was smaller, we were used to a simple system – a winter coat for winter, a thinner coat or jacket for spring, and that was it. Relatively little room for individualism and style expressions.

Nowadays, the range of spring outerwear is much wider, so we will inspire you with a couple of ideas for this spring!

  • Jackets. They can definitely serve as "almost a coat" or spring outerwear. At BeaA we offer a huge range of Vintage jackets for every taste and in a wide range of sizes. A good, stylish jacket is a long-term investment in your wardrobe.

    And a small, definitely useful tip for observing etiquette and keeping warm - according to etiquette, it is not necessary to take off the jacket indoors, which often eases the constant question of "where to hang it".

    Another plus for the jacket - if the bag is huge, but you don't need anything other than the car keys and phone for the meeting, feel free to put them in the pockets of the jacket!

Yes, we are fans of jackets to the core and could talk about the benefits forever! 🥰

  • Leather jacket, leather coat or leather bomber. Wear it as usual over sweaters and t-shirts, or if the leather jacket is not oversize and you want to emphasize the style - wear it under an oversize jacket

  • Bombers and denim jackets. Both oversize and "your" size are relevant for this option. In addition, look in your husband's closet - you will probably find a bomber jacket that you both can wear!
    A great example is our BeaA oversize denim jacket, which is useful both as an outerwear in spring and a trendy element for layering.
  • Coats and trench coats. The coat should not be too tight, this is not relevant at the moment. Don't be afraid to wear two at the same time, for example, a sporty raincoat with a hood under a classic trench coat.
  • Cardigans and oversized knit jackets. BeaA cardigans are designed to be worn both indoors and outdoors. The ideal combo is a cardigan and a set of the same fabric. Top the cardigan with a leather belt or let it float royally in the wind. They are warm, tasteful, easy to combine with other parts of the wardrobe. And they have super roomy pockets!

    So many opportunities - which ones will you try?

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