Don't be afraid to mix styles! BeaA - Be At Home with Yourself

Don't be afraid to mix styles!

With almost 100% sucess rate, customers after visiting BeaA manufacturing studio and spending time in our fitting room, leave with a completely new perspective on the possibilities of clothing and are inspired by the useful tips that Beāte, creator of BeaA, gave during the fitting!

Beāte has been associated with fashion, style and clothes all her conscious life, moreover, ideas and style-related advice come so easy to her, that clients also receive a stylist's consultation during one fitting session.

Here we would like to help you find more fashion-conscious YOU and widen your style horizons:

  • Vintage style elements

You may have noticed various Vintage elements in our photoshoots...and it’s because all the new is good forgotten old! If you choose Vintage clothing, do not dress all Vintage, but one, maximum two elements and the rest of the clothing should be of classic, modern or sporty style. The border so that you don't become tasteless is very fragile and the older you get, the more careful you have to be.

  • Tenderness + Strength

Choose a romantic, feminine dress and combine it with an oversize jacket in the style of the 90s with an extra padded shoulder part, vintage leather jacket, man's shirt or massive boots, sporty sneakers. There has to be a balance. A too soft, fragile look can often create the impression of a naive woman, while choosing head-to-toe aggressive clothing, expressive shapes, metal fittings and black glasses, will create the impression of "don't come near me!".

  • High Fashion + Clothing Retailers

It is so easy to dress in one brand, where the brand's specialists have previously paired outfits with specific accessories. Is it interesting? No, because that's how most people dress. Is it tasteful? No, because it has no personality. It is much more interesting to create an image by mixing brands. A handbag with world-famous strap and two-letter closure, goes perfectly with a mass-market top, favourite jeans and a leather jacket from dad's youth. Just keep in mind that more expensive often means "higher quality", which is especially true for shoes and accessories. Not always, but keep it in mind! I also recommend combining classic wardrobe items, which last for years and do not change their relevance, with modern trendy items of the moment. Trendy things, whose relevance will disappear after 3 months, is not worth investing your vacation money in them. It's better to find something similar at an affordable price, knowing that it will be out of "fashion" very soon. BeaA products are constant values. Models and colours will be relevant even after 5  and more years.

BeaA's genius lies in the idea of self-combined clothing. One example - if you have two sets, due to the harmony of colors and models, you already have 4 sets. Two full sets in one colour and two diagonally. The top of one set goes with the pants of the other set and vice versa. It’s because basic, neutral colors that harmonize with each other are chosen.

Don’t over-complicate your wardrobe – choose timeless items and add some edge to them!

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