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Visually Slimming Tricks

BeaA's mission is to find YOUR confident look, regardless of age, size or status! In fashion, the right clothes and accessories can do wonders to enhance a woman's natural beauty and self-confidence. From strategic cuts, high-quality fabrics and the right accessories, here are some tips to help you create a slimmer look:


  1. High Waist: Choose skirts, pants and shorts with a high waist! It creates the illusion of longer legs and a narrower waistline by elongating your figure. If possible, tuck part of a longer top or shirt behind the belt, thus highlighting the waist. Get inspired by our look for Black Knit Skirt;
  2. Monochrome outfits: wearing one colour from head to toe creates a continuous vertical line, making you look taller and slimmer. Choose darker colours for a super slimming effect, but, remember, it doesn't have to always be black! For colder nights choose our versatile Midnight Blue lounge set with an oversized cardigan as a cherry on top!
  3. Vertical Lines: lines create the illusion of a taller, leaner physique. A vertical button closure will "divide", while an open jacket, a long string of pearls or another long accessory visually slims you down. For such occasion our Long Linen Shirt is a perfect solution with countless options, open or closed!
  4. V-necks: V-neck tops and dresses, elongate the neck and creates the effect of a slimmer face. You should definitely have one of our Versatile Lightweight Tops to combine with trousers, jeans or skirts.
  5. Heels: the trick is – the higher the heel, the more kilograms you visually lose! By wearing heals you become taller and your weight stretches no longer to 170 cm, but to 180 cm. Also, heeled shoes improve your posture and give you a more confident, sophisticated look, changing your gait from boyish to femininely flirty.
  6. Layering: thoughtful, tasteful layering will create an interesting overall image, but everything should be in moderation. A head of cabbage will be round as long as there are so many leaves on it! A light vest or heavy jacket will let you show only what is visible in the open part, without revealing anything underneath. This is how it works as long as the overlay layer is the darkest colour in the image! We have the perfect solution – Black Midi Vest that really has limitless combinations in layering- jeans, trousers, skirts or even dresses.


Remember that confidence is the main accessory! Wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. These tips are meant to enhance your natural beauty and by incorporating them, you'll be able to achieve a more subtle, flattering look that highlights your unique charm and grace!

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