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BeaA's Bamboo Collection - Handmade with Love

Bamboo grows very fast and can be used in various industries. Bamboo clothing, shoes, bags and accessories are growing in popularity due to the material’s durability and beautiful look. A Latvian designer from Riga called BeaA has started to create her own line of bamboo products and uses her love of the outdoors to inspire the collection.


Collection of products made in Latvia, BeaA is a brand focused on creating well-made items out of natural materials. With our newest collection, we are showcasing our love for the great outdoors and nature through our new line of bamboo clothing! 

BeaA's Design Process

Inspired by her surroundings and nature, BeaA is a brand of handmade clothes made in Latvia. The brand is named after the designer, Beate. She began sewing when she was young and has been practicing ever since. Her passion for designing clothes has led to the creation of her own clothing line which is inspired by nature, patterns, and colors. The goal of the brand is to create clothes that make women feel beautiful inside and out, while also being eco-friendly.

The Bamboo Collection

We are proud to introduce you to our new collection of bamboo products! This is a unique collection made in Latvia. With the latest technological advances, we have been able to make use of this plant that grows wildly around the world. All of our products are handmade by us, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made from 100% natural bamboo material that is eco-friendly and sustainable. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can reach heights of up to 50 feet in just three years. It can also grow under harsh conditions such as drought and extreme weather. This makes it an ideal material for handmade products.

What's Next for BeaA?

We are so excited to share our first collection of bamboo material! Our goal is to provide sustainable fashion, made in Latvia. We have been working on this collection for many months and have learned a lot about the process of making this beautiful fabric. This piece has been a dream in the making and we can't wait to share it with you!

We hope that you enjoy this brand new release and would love if you got one or two pieces from our collection!